Columbus, GA Criminal Case Results

Case Results

The team at Wadkins & Wadkins has successfully defended clients facing a wide range of serious criminal offenses. Below are just a few examples of our work.


United States vs. D.S.

Charge: Theft of Government Property

Result: Not guilty verdict

In Federal District Court, Robert secured a not guilty verdict for a client facing theft of government property—a felony charge punishable by 10 years. Robert and co-counsel Ben Wallace attacked the facts of the case and the indictment brought by the F.B.I., arguing that the client was set up and the evidence against him was insufficient. The jury agreed and returned a not guilty verdict.


State of Georgia vs. R.D. 

Charge: Possession of methamphetamine and drug related objects

Result: Case dismissed

In Muskogee County Superior Court, Robert argued before the D.A. that under circumstances of the case, the charges against the client were excessive. The D.A. agreed and the charges were dropped.


State of Georgia v. S. M.

Charge: Rape

Result: Case dismissed

This client retained Wadkins & Wadkins two days after being charged with rape—a charge that could have resulted in a 20-year prison sentence. Within in a week of his arrest, Attorney Robert Wadkins, Jr. secured a bond for him so he did not have to wait in jail for the resolution of his case. Attorney Wadkins then interviewed witnesses and collected social media evidence that showed that the allegations against the defendant were not credible. All of this was taken to the District Attorney and the charge was dismissed.


State of Georgia v. C. G.

Charge: Felony Obstruction and Interference with Government Property

Result: Charges dismissed

This client was charged with two felonies: Obstruction and Interference with Government Property. The State testified that the defendant violently struggled with police and kicked out the back window of the police car. Attorney Robert Wadkins, Jr. looked into the defendant’s background and found substantial evidence of both mental health and substance abuse issues. Presenting this to the District Attorney, Attorney Wadkins was able to get these charges dismissed.


United States v. M.K.

Charge: Federal Shoplifting

Result: Case dismissed

This client was charged with stealing items from the Post Exchange on Ft. Benning so the case was prosecuted in Federal Court. Attorney Robert Wadkins gathered mitigating information about the defendant and presented that to the United States Attorney.  In the process, the United States Attorney agreed to pretrial diversion and the case was later dismissed, keeping a harmful federal conviction off the clients record.


State of Georgia v. D.C.

Charge: Aggravated Assault, Violation of Georgia’s Street Gang Prevention Act

Result: Sentence Reduced

The client was charged with several violent felony charges including Aggravated Assault and Violation of Georgia Street Gang Prevention Act. The defendant was in jail and entered into guilty plea and the contested issue was sentencing. The District Attorney argued to the judge that the defendant be sentenced to eight years in prison. Attorney Robert Wadkins was able to argue that the punishment should be limited to probation. The Judge, persuaded by his argument, agreed with Attorney Wadkins and the client was back at home later that day.


State of Georgia v. D.S.

Charge: Criminal Damage to Property

Result: Acquittal

This client was indicted on a felony charge of criminal damage to property. In a jury trial, attorney Robert Wadkins was successful in arguing that the State of Georgia had not proven their case. The Judge in the case issued a directed verdict of acquittal and the client was home with his family later that day.