Expungement in Georgia

Expungement is the removal of a charge from a person’s record. In the United States, this is an opportunity for a person to move forward from the mistakes of the past. Georgia limits expungement when compared to other states, but it is possible certain situations.

Is My Record Eligible for Expungement?

In Georgia, there are only two circumstances in which expungement of a criminal charge is allowed.

  • You were arrested for an offense, but were released without recommendation of charges.
  • Your case was referred to a prosecutor who dismissed it without seeking indictment.

Essentially, expungement is only used to let people remove arrests that were never prosecuted. Additionally, expungement is not possible if the charges were dropped due to a plea bargain or conviction for a different crime, as well as several other highly specific limitations.

How We Can Help You

While expungement is limited by the state, at Wadkins & Wallace we work well with the Georgia criminal justice department. We understand when expungement is a viable option, and when to consider other possibilities.

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