Grand Jury Indictment in Georgia

A jury is a group of private citizens who come together to evaluate evidence and make decisions about legal matters. Most commonly, this refers to a jury that will render a guilty or not guilty verdict in a trial. However, a grand jury is different and does its work in the pretrial process.

The Job of a Grand Jury

A grand jury is presented with evidence from both the prosecution and the defense. Their job is not to determine whether or not the defendant is guilty, but rather if there is enough evidence to indict the defendant for the crime.

A grand jury is not concerned with guilt or innocence, just with the evidence that is presented, and whether it is enough to create probable cause.  This bar is relatively low, as most cases that go in front of a grand jury result in an indictment. Grand juries are exceedingly rare in Georgia, and are only used for capital offenses, or cases that could result in the death penalty for the defendant.

Presentation To A Jury

If your case goes in front of a grand jury, it means you are facing extremely serious charges. Our team understands the seriousness of the situations that our clients face, and do everything in our power to protect them and their legal rights. For us, a grand jury is just an additional opportunity to get the case dismissed.

If you are facing criminal charges of this nature, you cannot afford to gamble on your lawyer. Contact our firm today to learn why our team is the right choice for you.

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