Jury Trials in Georgia

Many people assume that a trial is an inevitable next step after being charged with a crime. While trials can resolve a criminal charge, many cases are settled with plea deals or a dismissal of charges. When a case does go to trial, it can either go before a jury of private citizens or a judge in a bench trial.

Do I Want a Jury Trial?

There are distinct advantages and disadvantages to jury trials. It can be easier for a defense attorney to convince a jury of a person’s innocence than it would be to convince a judge. Juries are full of private citizens who usually have limited legal experience, so it can be easier to appeal to their emotions when the defense tells the defendant’s side of the story in a compelling manner.

On the other hand, jury trials can also make the process more difficult. Jury trials are significant longer than bench trials, and that means that they are more expensive. There is also more potential variance in outcome. If an inexperienced defense attorney does a poor job of jury selection, then the trial could quickly hurt a person’s chances of a not guilty verdict.

Finding What’s Right For You

The team at Wadkins & Wallace is experienced and knowledgeable in trying cases before juries. We handle each case with an individual approach that allows us to find the outcomes and solutions that are the best for each client. The choice between a jury trial and a bench trial is a difficult one, but we give our clients the guidance to make the best choice.

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