Motion for a New Trial in Columbus, Georgia

Motions are an important part of the legal system. A good defense attorney will keep his or her clients appraised of all potential motions that could pay dividends. One of the most important motions is the motion for a new trial, which calls for an entirely new trial after a case has been “closed” with a conviction and sentencing.

When Is a Motion For a New Trial Helpful?

A motion for a new trial is a second chance to get things right. It is not granted automatically, there must be a compelling reason to go through the long and complicated process of a criminal trial again. This reason is most often a new crucial piece of evidence that could change the verdict.

While a motion for a new trial can lead to an overturned conviction, it is risky as it could be expensive and lead to very little change in outcome, if the motion is even granted. All in all, it is a valuable tool, but can really only be useful when new evidence is found shortly after a trial.

Is It Right For Me?

The legal team at Wadkins & Wallace is experienced with trial, motions, and all aspects of criminal law. We pride ourselves on using our experience to give clients exceptional legal guidance. Our team will assess any situation fully, and determine what we think is the right course of action. If this means a motion for a new trial must be filed, we are well prepared to see the case through to the very end.

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