Pretrial Conferences in Georgia

While trial is sometimes unavoidable, it is often better for all parties involved to handle the issue outside of the courtroom. This holds true for both civil and criminal cases. The pretrial conference gives a chance for resolution, as well as ensuring a smoother and more cohesive trial if a resolution is not possible.

Let’s Talk About It

A pretrial conference is when the two sides and the judge all come together. Innocence and guilt is not being determined here; rather, what evidence will be admitted. It also gives the chance for the two sides and the judge to set the tone for how events will proceed, with regards to dates of the trial, submission of evidence, and other procedural determinations.

In many cases, this is an opportunity for the parties to come to an agreement. In criminal cases, this could mean a plea bargain, and in civil cases this could mean an agreement on whatever is being disputed.

Represented At All Times

Trials are strenuous for everyone involved, so many people try to avoid them whenever possible. While the pretrial conference can seem like an insignificant part of the process, it is actually a great opportunity for compromise and resolution.

At Wadkins & Wallace, we see this conference as an opportunity to get what our clients need. We can make a difference with our professional experience, and improve the potential outcomes for our clients.

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