Sealed Record in Georgia

When a person is officially charged with a crime, that charge becomes attached to their legal “profile.” Essentially, a record check will turn up that crime. This makes a certain amount of sense if a person has been convicted, but in Georgia, even if the charges are dropped the mark will remain on a person’s record.

Getting Your Clean Slate

It is extremely unfortunate that a person can be affected by charges that were dropped or if a not guilty verdict was reached, but it happens all too often. Fortunately, the state does provide a way to correct this.

A person can have these nullified charges placed in a sealed record. This means that no one will be able to access them, or see that they ever happened. The person must file legal paperwork with a petition to seal the record. The process can be complicated, but with an experienced attorney it should be relatively painless.

How Can We Help?

At Wadkins & Wallace, we do everything we can to help our clients get a clean slate.  This extends beyond the courtroom. Our team will help determine if a sealed record is a good option to pursue for you. In short, we want to make your life better and can make a difference in your legal situation.

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