What can a client expect during a first meeting with Wadkins & Wadkins?

During our initial meeting at Wadkins & Wadkins, typically our clients sit down with me and my father and we go through all the aspects of their case that they can expect. We get the facts of their case, give them an idea of procedurally what to expect—for example, what hearings might be coming up, what docket calls are, what the whole procedure of the case will be. In addition to giving them an idea of what they can expect to an outcome of their case and what strategies we’re going to lay out to try to go forward and get the best outcome for them possible.

We go through with the client all kinds of aspects of the case including getting any evidence they may have, going through things that might not seem important but might become important later; aspects of their social media and kind of guidance for what they should do going forward with the case to protect their interest and really give them a whole picture of what the process is going to look like. We know that when we’re dealing with clients it’s not just a job. Frequently when we are dealing with someone, for them this case is probably the most important thing that’s ever going to happen to them. So we take that seriously and try to lay out the whole process for our clients so that they feel comfortable going forward and they have a good idea of what to expect.