Practicing Criminal Defense in Columbus, Georgia

Why did you decide to practice law? More specifically, criminal defense?

I decided to practice law because I had a great example to follow in my father who has practiced for many, many years here in Georgia. And so I went and did my undergrad at the University of Georgia. I left there and went to the University of Alabama for law school where I kind of tailored my curriculum toward criminal defense. I took everything they had related to criminal defense including the criminal defense clinic. I took our Trial Advocacy Program and was eventually selected to be a member of our competition Trial Advocacy Team where we competed nationwide in various competitions.

In 2009, I was actually selected as the Best Advocate from the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Trial Competition in Portland, OR. So after completing law school, I moved back to Columbus and set out to establish a criminal defense practice where at all levels – at the state level, at the federal level, and the appellate level. So I had that great example to follow and I set out on my own in criminal defense, setting up my own criminal defense practice and practicing for a number of years. And it kind of came full-circle when Dad joined me and we set up this office. And so now we’ve just kind of continued to work and provide our clients with excellent criminal defense advocacy.